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Yoga / Pilates / Yishu Wuhang lessons



Hi, i invite you for some FREE Yoga / Pilates / Yishu Wuhang lessons for beginners on Open 3L Center as part of the beginning of the Yoga classes i will instruct there....

and you are Welcome to come!.

The daily classes as so the Open Day classes have a maximum of 6 persons per class, this means that they are going to be personalized!!!!!

Each class lasts one hour, BUT YOU CAN STAY FOR THE NEXT ONE IF THERE ARE AVAILABLE SPACE and are divided as this:

FREE Tuesday (16.00 - 22.00) - A MIX of Hata Yoga for beginners / Pilates Mat I / Yishu Wuhang strengthening

FREE Wednesday (16.00 - 22.00) - A MIX of Soft Meditative Yoga / Yishu Wuhang Meditative stretching / Self-relaxing massage techniques.
for more info, you can contact me at 0915 123 895, or here

Hope to see you there!!!!

The classes are going to be in English....

Alish Zenzejul

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